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Brief exerpts of the stories from the book - Red Hook Community Farm, The Farmers Diner & Chris Jackson: Ted & Honey

Red Hook Community Farm Poster

Red Hook Community Farm is located in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn surrounded by a 25-foot tall chain-link fence. It occupies an old asphalt playing field under the jurisdiction of the New York City Parks Department. Operating year round and employing dozens of youth from the surrounding low-income neighborhood. The Red Hook Community Farm produces more than three dozen different crops over the course of the year.
Online at: Seasonal

Farmers Diner in Quechee, Vermont

The Farmers Diner is located in Quechee, Vermont just off Route 4 in a restored 1946 diner. Run by Tod Murphy, the food is all local and serves breakfast and lunch during the winter months and dinner during the summer. Barbara Kingsolver said in her book "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" that the Farmers Diner is a restaurant for folks who want to fill up with a burger that does not come with a side of feedlot remorse.

Rooftop Garden

Chris Jackson, while working at Six Penn Restaurant in Pittsburgh, PA., grew a rooftop garden that specialized in tomatoes, lettuce and heirloom cayenne peppers going back to Thomas Jefferson’s garden. Now Chris has a restaurant of his own, Ted & Honey in Cobble Hill Brooklyn where he uses local and seasonal foods and has a bigger spread of tomatoes nearby!
Online at: Ted &