On Wednesday August 11, at about 5 pm I scurried up the highway to the James Ranch to sample their Brie Cheese.  Dan and Becca James are the first profiles in Growing Roots and as members of their dairy herd, their beautiful cows  have been providing us with the most luscious, cream topped milk, all summer. But today’s surprise was a  real treat.  Sitting on top of a checked tablecloth, under the cottonwoods not far from the Animas river,  were three wheels, of soft and gooey Brie.  At the moment I’m not eating gluten so I cut myself a piece and ate it with my fingers and a couple of slices of Palisades peaches. The flavor was  smooth, just a hint of a bite. Truly divine.  When you read Growing Roots you’ll see that Dan has been making hard cheeses now for some years.  But lately, he’s been experimenting.  Back at the beginning of the summer we had a little taste of Farmer’s Cheese, also a treat.

Just before we piled into the car, the sky opened up and dumped on us.  Afternoon monsoons, spectacular. Well worth the wet, though.

Saturday, August 14 is Growing Roots’ first launch.  In Santa Fe at the farmers market sponsored by Collected Works Bookstore. If you happen to be in Santa Fe come visit us near the water tower.  It’s a beautiful market and the day is supposed to be bright and sunny.  We’ll keep you posted.  Meanwhile, check out the link: file:///Users/Katherine/Desktop/Collected%20Works%20Bookstore%20%7C%20Santa%20Fe’s%20oldest%20locally-owned%20independent..webloc