I am not one of those writers who feels that everything I say is important.  But I write about things that are terribly important to me.  My first novel, Digging Out was based on a disaster that actually occurred in a small village in South Wales, U.K. It could have been prevented. But the powers that be would not listen to some simple facts; they ignored important information. As is often the case, the elected people felt they knew best.  Several years after the tragedy occurred, I interviewed two of the survivors and then I interviewed them again many years later. The affect this event had on the town trickles down to this day. And the affect it had on me was profound.  My book is a love story, but it is also about standing up to authority when one really believes in something.  I’m thinking that perhaps all my books are a bit of a love story and also about standing up to authority.

My latest book, Growing Roots: The New Generation of Farmers, Cooks and Food Activists  is also a love story. Fifty-four young folks whose lives are centered on food–be them farmers, bee keepers, seed savers, oystermen, millers, ricers, herbalists, writers, naturopathic doctors, cooks, or restauranteurs –– to name only a few, tell us their stories of how they  found this world and how they are managing their lives in order to stay in the world of food. These people are working hard to make good food available and affordable to all of us.

I have been thinking about what my next project will be, and I know that it will continue to highlight these folks as well as to look at who else is working toward this same effort.  Across the nation the farmers markets have doubled since I first started this book.  There are more and more people who are planting small gardens in their front yards; more and more farm-to-school programs and rooftop gardens; more and more bee hives, chicken coops and urban farms sprouting up on at least every other street corner.  If you are involved in this world, I want to hear about you and what you do.  It’s a time of great change and it’s exciting.

I took a break form this blog because it’s hard for me to write a book and work on other kinds of writing at the same time.  But I’m back.  And I want to wish all of you a Happy New Year full of good health, good food, and community. I’m going to try to come to this blog often. With my thoughts and with yours. Share them!

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