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I started my search for the young and hungry, close to NYC where I live half the year. A friend from Durango, Colorado –where I live the other half of the year – suggested that I get in touch with Mary Cleaver who owns and operates one of the premiere sustainable restaurants in NYC called The Green Table and who my friend said, knew everybody involved in the movement from coast to coast. My friend was right.

I was also led to the new generation of sustainable farmers, cooks and food activists by word of mouth, stumbling upon these folks at farmers’ markets, CSAs (Community Sustainable Agriculture) in restaurants and by reading the local newspaper wherever I landed for the night. It is always an amazing experience when I’m working on a project, to trust in the winds and see where they will lead me. I kept trying to channel Studs Terkel who traveled as I do, believing strongly in intuition, listening to one’s own heart and to the strong voice of the people.

Introduction by Deborah Madison. Deborah is one of everybody’s favorite cookbook writers. Her awareness of good food and right action comes from years of cooking and studying at the San Francisco Zen Center. Since that time she has worked at Chez Panisse Restaurant and opened Greens Restaurant – one of the early restaurants in San Francisco to have a farm driven menu. She has written many cookbooks, her most recent being, "What We Eat When We Eat Alone." Online at: Deborah