I was recently at a meditation retreat up in Massachusetts at the Kripalu Center.  I try to do at least one silent retreat a year.  I need the time and the space, I need help with my meditation and with my yoga practice.  Whenever I am looking for a teacher, it’s important for me to also know that the food is going to support my practice of sustainability.  At the Kripalu Center, you get great teachers and the food is fantastic.

I’ve studied with Jack Kornfield before, but not for 6 days and five nights.  The group was 193 and in the beginning it felt like a lot.  By the second morning, they felt like friends and family.  We did sitting meditation and  walking meditation for about 6 hours a day. Breakfasts were silent, and if you wanted silence one could eat all meals in a silent dining room.  AFter the fourth day, I was ready to listen to others talking, but not quite ready to speak.  So I sat at each meal and listened.

For me the most impressive meditation was the raisin meditation…I have a piece coming out in zesterdaily.com in the next few weeks called “Meditating on a Raisin”…so stay tuned for this.  And if you haven’t read my last  piece at www.zesterdaily.com take a look.